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Professional Trademark and Patent Drafting Service. Providing I.P. illustrations to Kansas City Attorneys for over 20 years.

Services We Provide

All drawings will be produced in CAD software.

Utility Drawings

Well executed patent illustrations.
* Provisional
* Non-Provisional

Design Drawings

Essential ornamental views depicting novel aspects of the item.
* Shading provided if requested by client or U.S.P.T.O. restriction.

Trademark Drawings

Typically shown as a single identifying service mark or distinguishing attribute.
* Name, word or phrase
* Logo or symbol

3D Modeling

We can develop objects that will be used in the I.P. illustrations. Our draftsmen must obtain useful sketches from the inventor to create the models.
* Pricing will have to be negotiated based on complexity of the model.

From 2010 to 2024

We have successfully completed all of these.

Figures drawn
Successful Cases
99.7 %

Launching Your Idea

Don’t know where to begin? We can recommend local Patent Attorneys that can help on the written description side of things, while we handle the artistic side of things. Or if you have an I.P. attorney, we can work with them to get you headed on your way to launching your idea quickly.

Why Choose Our Firm

Consistency is the name of our game. Every application may be different, but we apply the same professionalism, pride and attention to detail to everything we do.

Experienced Draftsmen

We have applied our illustrative skills to nearing every kind of patent application over the past 20 years. We often create something from nothing everyday.


We work on patent applications that apply to every kind of industrial sector. These include, Aerospace, Agriculture, Automobile, Marine, and Rail. Energy, Mining and Petroleum. Building and Construction. Garment, Textile and Printing. Wearable Technology and Telecommunications. Software and Smart Devices. Pharmaceutical, Medical, Chemical, and Biotechnology. Electrical/Mechanical Fabrication. Mom & Pop start-ups.

Redraw Applications

We have the experience to review, recommend or redraw figures that have received prior government rejections in need of drawing corrections. We know what is required and we are here to help, if we can.

What Our Clients Say

We are confident that we can help.

Best in the Midwest.
Emily Rotten
Above and beyond when it comes to attention to detail.
Mike Devos
Accurate and dependable. Very Professional. Knows what the U.S.P.T.O. requires and meet all our expectations.
Dominic Jenskin

We require a Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before we can work for you, we need to have a N.D.A. signed. If you have your own, please send it to us. If you need one, we will use our standard agreement.

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