Also known as Mechanical Drawings.

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Environmental Views

Worth a thousand words

Environmental views are not always necessary, but can visually explain how the item is used in a real world setting.

Assembly Views

Also known as Exploded Views

Assembly views are essential for showing how the device fits together. It also is a good way to show all the external and internal parts in one view.

Cross-Section Views

Cutting the item down the middle

Cross-Section views are views obtained by cutting the object along the central axis and viewing the hidden components, what materials are used, and how they are positioned in place.

Section Views

Similar to Cross-Section Views

Sectional views are created by cutting a component along a specific plane to expose the interior construction of the device, in that location.

Partial Section Views

Special uses of sectioning

Sectioning away components along a multiple cutting plane exposing key interior components, while showing most of the recognizable exterior components of the device.

Break-Away Views

Used to see interior parts

Sometimes a break-away view is used to show interior parts in a close-up exterior detailed view of the device. The exterior housing is “broken-away” and removed.

Flow Diagrams

Flow Diagrams show a schematic

Flow Diagrams show a schematic block and caption representation of the user process in manufacturing or operator’s use of the device. Fluid or Electronic


Visually organizing x and y values

Graphs are Rectangular Bar or Liner pictorial presentations of data, or analytical computations. This helps numerical tabulations to be more easily understood.