We all have an idea of what we think is the next greatest invention the world needs. What you do with your innovative idea, is up to you.

We suggest you take that idea and do all the things in, and outside, the light bulb shown above. There is no particular order what you do first, but they all NEED to be looked at and addressed as soon as possible.
When it comes to protecting your invention, its a good idea to apply for a U.S. patent. Taking your idea to a professional patent expert is essential to protect your intellectual property. This is best done by contacting a Patent Attorney who can help you. The Patent Attorney works with a Patent Illustrator, and together they gather your information, in the form of a disclosure. Together, the two teams compile all the necessary figures with the legal written description of the invention.
After this, the attorney will file the entire patent application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Hopefully, with a little time and patients, you will take your idea or product from “Patent Pending”, to Patent Approved by the U.S. government… and the rest will be history!